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Many ads, hyper targeted.

On Maui, Facebook Marketing campaigns should not follow the set it and forget it mentality. Ads require modifications along the way for the best results.

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Facebook Ads are important for many businesses


Ad copy, video production, and imagery is very important for any marketing campaign. However, the campaign also needs many variations in technical setup, landing page designs, and user click through flow.


Once we design the campaign, we then enter into test mode. We don’t waste money here at The Top Rocks, so we make sure to only dump advertising money into the ads that are really working.

Reap the Rewards

We will find the ad copy, user workflow, and landing page setup that works the best, and then we will put your spending budget to work on a well tested ad. No guessing, just data driven decisions. 

The smart choice for Maui Facebook marketing

A Partner That Knows The Ins & Outs of Maui Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads are a great way to boost your businesses visibility, growth, sales, and visibility online. Facebook ads are also a really useful way to engage many different types of leads and it is a great platform for highly targeted ads. However, to carry out effective Facebook ad campaigns, you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience with the platform and the psychology of how your customers convert.

On Maui, Facebook marketing requires strategies that expect consistent testing and modifying in order to find the best campaigns to spend money on. Otherwise, you end up spending a lot of money without getting results and frustration ensues.

The Top Rocks has a strong record with Facebook Ads and we know how to save you from the headache of overspending on bad ads. We are very careful and use data to drive our decisions. Some Hawaii advertising agencies make decisions from their intuition without testing and adjusting. We like to make our decisions from hard numbers in order to get the best results. Intuition is a great way to start, but it is a good idea to start with a small budget and work up to large spending limits. This is how you enter into high growth, high converting ad campaigns.

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Experience + Technique equals a great ROI for your marketing.

The Top Rocks is a Facebook advertising agency with an experienced, expert team who understand how to do safe, high converting Facebook marketing. We combine psychology, design, and advanced data analysis in order to push any ad campaign like into a positive ROI.

Every company has unique goals, business models, products, services, and customers. At The Top Rocks we take all of this into account and learn about your business in order to make the best decisions. So wether you need a PPC Paid advertising campaign or a Facebook campaign, we love to empower our clients to understand online advertising in order to help us cohesively work together and optimize the entire marketing process.

Facebook Marketing all starts with…

Facebook Ad Audience Targeting

Audiences are groups of users who share similar types of data, or have taken a pre-described action within a specific webpage, ad, or some other online medium that you own. You can make many types of audiences ranging from things like, targeting the top 25% of users who spent the most time, or targeting users who like cats and coffee and are known to buy products online. We can also make retargeting campaigns that work wonders for many business types especially when we leverage your SEO.

We use audiences to narrow the focus of Facebooks machine learning algorithm that helps target the right people for your business. The trick is building out the right audiences at the right time and knowing what level of data is needed to get good results. At The Top Rocks we know when to build audiences so that your ads can work the most efficiently.

You want to understand your customer and build out customer profiles to really understand how to build the right audiences. We approach Facebook marketing with the idea that your ideal customer has a specific way of thinking and behaving. Once we come up with the customer profile and the initial audiences, we can then use data to drive our decisions moving forward.

Facebook Ad Design

Facebook gives businesses the tools to create ads that exemplify your brand. Ads can consist of video, images, and text, and be formatted across instagram and Facebook. They will also auto format across different devices like iPhones, Androids, and computers. Your ads will reach your targeted audiences well formatted and easily digested.

The Top Rocks goes even further and will help with ad copy (what is written) and multimedia execution. In other words, we are here to consult what is working this year and make sure your ads have the creative juice to stand out amongst the masses.

We have managed many campaigns on Facebook and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing ad campaigns. Through this, we have figured out what works well and what doesn’t.

We will also help build custom landing pages for each campaign so that users get an end to end experience that gives you the highest chance of a high converting campaign.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

With all ads comes ad copy. Ad copy is the text that is written and placed over video, on images, and in the text portion of an ad. The goal of your campaign will dictates what to write. You want this part to be concise, compelling, and have a great call to action.

Every Facebook marketing campaign will need to be modified along the way and ad copy is no exception. The Top Rocks marketing team will help you develop great ad copy and continually optimize it throughout the duration of the ad campaign. We determine how to optimize the wording through the data we get from each individual ad set.

Facebook Ad and Landing Page A/B Testing

A lot of the time there is a fork in ad design, ad copy, audience, and ad type. You can utilize A/B testing to make two similar ads with a key variation. For instance let’s say you made a video with two slightly different approaches. In one video the call to action is in the beginning while in the second variation it is set at the end. You can make an ad set with an A/B test that switches off between the two videos and determine which is more effective based on the ads results. This process is usually pretty revealing to things you’d never know.

The Top Rocks uses a lot of A/B testing within our Facebook advertising campaigns (and sometimes A/A/B/B testing) to make good data driven decisions. We often think something will perform well, then we do some A/B testing only to find the numbers don’t match our hypothesis. The numbers don’t lie, and we use them to make objective decisions for your ad campaigns.

Facebook Ad Analytics and Optimization

You want to know how well everything is performing. To know how well your Facebook ads are performing you need goals. Goals can vary from email subscriptions, to page views (on your website), to sales, and much more. Once you have determined your goals, it is time to set up your analytics reports so that your can see your key performance indicators (KPIs) or your return on investment (ROI). This is the only way to know if your ads are performing well and worth what you’re spending.

Being good at using analytics is pivotal to a successful Facebook campaign. If you don’t know how to review the data and optimize your ads then you are not going to get very good results. You always want to be making data driven decisions, especially on Facebook.

The Top Rocks monitors all of our clients data and ensures the right optimizations are happening at the right time. We are quite skilled at determining what to do based on numbers. Mix this with our creative ability to make great looking ads with great ad copy and you have a beastly combo to get great results on Facebook.

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