In Hawaii, web design and SEO are important tool for business. Now more than ever people search for what they need and whoever shows up in Google results and has the best user experience on their website gets the most customers. 

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When it comes to your web presence, it all starts with your web design. A website needs to look amazing and have a great customer experience, but it needs to also perform like a well oiled machine so people don’t get frustration with loading screens and so search engines rank you higher. By building beautiful websites and making them technically optimized you can rest assured our websites will help with your business goals. 


Let’s break down SEO into what it really is. SEO is the process of finding the best “corner locations” for your business within search engines through data analysis and strategized optimizations. A corner location is what someone searches. For instance, I might be a baker and I sell donuts and pastries on Maui. Turns out 1000 people a month search for “Maui Donut Shop” while only 50 people a month search for “Maui Pastry Shop”. I want to make sure by business shows up for “Maui Donut Shop” so I can capitalize on customers who are already looking for what my business offers. 

The Top Rocks is very well versed in the world of SEO and we can help you reach your business goals with this excellent marketing strategy. 

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After many years of testing and strategy development, we know one thing is for certain: using one size fits all SEO tactics won’t get you anywhere these days. Many Hawaii SEO “experts” apply strategies that might have short term benefits, but they use black hat strategies that damage your businesses ability to rank over the long haul. We will always keep you in the loop, we will always protect your business from harm, and we will always use customized strategies that will help your specific business succeed.


One of the greatest perks to hiring our Hawaii SEO agency is how we approach ranking on Google Maps. If you don’t already have a Google My Business account, then we will get you the best ranking factors with our special schema mark ups and rich map snippets. Showing up on Google Maps is huge for local business in Hawaii. Businesses on the islands have more reviews than practically any other state, which means a higher degree of competition.

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ROI and Everything Else.

Organic Traffic Growth

Search is the top way people find businesses, products, and services. Even more important, these people are high intent customers who know what they want (aka hot leads). Finding ways to increase traffic to a website is often a tricky endeavor, but one thing is certain: websites that are optimized and deliver rich content to your businesses demographics is very important.

Optimization happens when on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and keyword research are all done properly in a specific way that allows the search engines to easily crawl your site and ensure it is the right fit for a customers search query.

As your website continues to pump out great content, relevant backlinks, and continues to use keywords humanistically, the more search engines will favor your site and help drive traffic to you.

Organic growth through SEO is a strategy that lasts a very long time and is significantly more cost effective than PPC and any other type of marketing. Having strong SEO makes your business more valuable.

Click through rate (CTR)

Click through rates (CTR) measure how many times people click on a call-to-action (CTA), which includes things like: signing up for email, or landing on your website from an ad. CTR’s are useful to measuring the effectiveness of keywords and they also let us know the value of those keywords. Some keywords might never convert into sales or leads while others can bring some serious revenue. We can adjust our strategy with low performing keywords.

Goal/Ecommerce tracking

When it comes to ecommerce we like the use goal tracking to convey how effective an SEO campaign is. The Top Rocks always uses goal tracking for ecommerce campaigns. Goal tracking lets us easily show how keywords we rank for bring in an increased amount of traffic, more leads, and ultimately more revenue.

What You Get With Our SEO Campaigns

Data Driven Decisions

In the digital era everything can be measured. That’s why at The Top Rocks we use data to make our decisions with all of our Hawaii SEO campaigns. We aren’t guessing when we make a decision, we are looking at hard numbers that lead is to the best results for your business.

Easy to Understand Analytics

Want to see how your business is growing online? We make our Analytics easy to understand so you can follow how many new keywords you’re ranking for and how that ROI is looking with your current SEO campaign.

Empowering You Through Learning

You know your business like the back of your hand, and we know how to rank you online. Together we are a powerful force. That’s why at The Top Rocks, we like to teach our clients the ins and outs of SEO so we can work together to make the most impactful decisions. Any question is welcome, and there is always an answer.

MVP Team at Your Disposal

The Top Rocks only works with the best in the SEO business, which gives you a leg up over your competitors. Rest assured everyone on our team knows exactly how to make your Hawaii SEO campaign a success.

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