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Off page SEO tactics can be dirty. We only use the most reliable and effective techniques to bring your to the first page of Google.

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Replacing Broken Links

When you have content, we will scour the internet for top domains that have broken links to similar types of content. This is a powerful way The Top Rocks gets your website ranked.

Anchor Text, Baby!

Anchor text works best when it is ran in conjunction with your keywords. This makes your anchor text backlinks even more powerful.

Backlinks to All Pages

The Top Rocks doesn’t just get you generic backlinks, we get you links to specific pages on your site. This lets search engines favor your entire website and helps rank you over multiple keywords.

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Link building strategies should be built for the long game.

If you are aiming for a local, national, or international SEO campaign, you want a team that understands how to approach the campaign from your businesses specific needs. The Top Rocks has helped companies across the nation achieve great results.


Our methodology is pretty simple. Use data driven decisions that cut through the guess work, and the subjective ideas we sometimes latch onto. Being objective in the SEO world is a great way to find the best results. We love outranking our competitors.

Backlinking / Link Building, Thats Off Page SEO

Search engines base website rankings with two major categories; on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO). On-page SEO is the stuff you physically see on a website, like this text you’re reading, and some other technical things you can see in the code. Off-page SEO refers to the things we do in the background like backlinking.

What is Off-Page SEO?

For your business, Off page SEO is the process of getting other relevant websites to link to yours in order to help crawl bots to index your site and rank you higher for your keywords.

It is very similar to when you get hurt and you ask your friends who they go see for injuries. If 80% of your friends recommend one great physical therapist, then you are very likely to go see that therapists. Search engines use crawl bots to find which websites are being recommended the most by other sites. When you get a new backlink, it is just like getting a new recommendation. The more authoritative and relevant a website is that links to you, the more favorable the recommendation is. Kind of like if one of your friend is an osteopath and they recommend that same physical therapist. Because they know the body better than most and have some relevant authority, you take their opinion very strongly.

Why is Backlinking Important?

Backlinking or link building is one of the most important aspects to SEO. Search engines use backlinking to help gauge PageRank, which measures the quality and confidence that your website is a great resource or contains whatever a user is looking for.

Think of backlinking like the internets form of personal recommendations. The more authoritative and relevant a website is, the more weight their recommendation is. The more of these high quality backlinks you have, the better your PageRank and thus, the higher up in search results you will show up across Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

What's SEO Backlinking?

Links are gateways from one site to another and the way in which the internet is tied together into one big network.

To get them, you want to make great content that is shareable and linkable from another website. In the most basic form, once you have that great content, you then begin asking real people to link back to your website within the text of their website. Do this enough with some high quality websites and your site will rank higher on google. 



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