Keyword Research

Pick a Keyword, Any Keyword. Let’s rank it.

Whatever you want to rank for, keyword research will help you find the pathway to get there and develop an SEO strategy that helps you rank for a lot more along the way.

Keyword Research is about being where people are searching.

Do What Google Does

The Top Rocks does what google does; we pick keywords that fall under themes that your business will benefit from. This lets us drive traffic from the right users.

Hot Leads

Thematic keywords groups are great, but we still go a level deeper and make sure to only go after the keywords that will bring you hot leads.

Why is keyword research important?

Researching what people are searching for is like studying which streets get a lot of foot traffic for a brick and mortar business. You want to be where the people are. You might think you want to rank for a group of keywords only to find that not many people search using those words. By making a slight modification to the vernacular you use on your website, you can suddenly find yourself in a bevy of high quality leads.

At The Top Rocks we like to use thematic keyword research, which helps efficiently rank your site. Search engine crawl bots index the theme of your content to create a network of relevant websites. The more your site becomes relevant to a theme and the more authoritative it becomes, the better it ranks.

First page results from real keyword research.

Not all keywords are created equal. Some keywords bring a lot of traffic, some are very competitive, and some are unused goldmines for your business.

What is Keyword research?

Let’s start with what keywords are and why they are important they are for your business. A keyword or a keyword phrase refer to what a person types into a search engine to begin their search. Keywords bring people to specific points of the internet, and the amount of people searching for any keyword is usually quite consistent. We can use metrics to determine which points of the internet are important for your business to show up on.

The way people are searching online describes what their intent is, how knowledgable they are about a subject, and even how likely they are to buy something. By understanding the customer, we can further define which points of the internet we want to show up on.

Keyword research is the process of finding where in search engine results you want to strategically be placed. These points are determined through metrics, understanding the customer, and understanding the nature of your business.

Often times people think they want to rank for the keywords with the most traffic, but in reality you want to rank for keywords that are associated with customers that are ready to take action (be it buying, signing up for a service, etc…)

Once you know the main keywords you’re looking to rank for, then come all the long tail keywords that have to do with the main keywords. The majority of the keywords you rank for will be long tail keywords, each one bringing in a small bit of traffic, but effective in numbers. An example of a long tail keyword would be “maui luxury home plumbing” vs “maui plumbing”.

How does researching keywords effect SEO

Keywords ultimately dictate what is on the website and what content is created. There isn’t much point to creating content if there isn’t some kind of benefit to your brand such as, an increase in traffic, conversion, ROI, or engagement. You want your content to have some underlying strategic worth. So, the first way keywords effect your SEO campaign is: The content you make should be rooted in relevant thematic keywords.

Another way keyword research dictates your SEO campaign has to do with internal linking structures and URLs. You want to make your websites linking structure look like a tree with pathways that fall under the same themes. Using URL slugs that share similar themes are a great idea. You want to have chains on internal linking that is easy for search engines to follow in a logical way.

Finally, the meta data and alt text should reflect the keywords you are aiming to rank for.

The Top Rocks does Keyword Research Differently.

The biggest difference The Top Rocks brings to an SEO strategy has to do with they way in which we work with you to understand your customer and your business. A lot of the time SEO companies do a generic, metric based, analysis of what you should rank for. They do this without considering the psychology of customers and where they are in the buying/taking action process. We find it important to understand why someone is searching what they are searching for and make sure your website meets their needs.

We also are big on thematic keywords vs random big number keywords. The reason is because conversions usually happen when your website is focused and consistent. When there are outlier keywords, they usually don’t convert well because your website isn’t really optimized for that outlier information.

We also believe there is a strategic roadmap that allows for exponential growth vs linear growth. That happens by going for the easy wins and working our way up to the big tuna keywords that are often very competitive. Along the way we are building traffic, and perfecting conversions that take place on the website, so by the time we get to the big keywords your website is polished and ready for consumers.

We bring all of this into our SEO strategy and we are thinking about all of this when we do our keyword research.

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