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Google prefers websites that make it easy for their crawl bots to decipher what your website is all about. The Top Rocks optimizes our websites on-page SEO through over 80 different parts.

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To have growth in organic search, website content must be easily found, read, and evaluated. If there are any issues that prevent that process from smoothly happening, organic growth can be hindered significantly.


.After we find issues that need fixing, The Top Rocks creates a custom strategy to address the issues based on the level of importance and the level of effort it will take to fix each issue.

Fix it

We then begin fixing issues from the top of our list down. Along the way we measure how each change affects the website and its keyword rankings to ensure that we are creating a positive impact.

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No More Dirty On Page SEO

The Top Rocks’ SEO team works diligently with customers to ensure their campaign is successful. Our SEO strategies are data-driven and results driven. We use reliable tactics that help you through the lifetime of your business and keep you confident.

Brilliant SEO leverages a strong foundation to build a large online empire.

The importance of SEO is pretty clear, but there is some serious confusion how to execute an effective SEO campaign due to over 200 ranking factors that are constantly changing.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing regularly perform major and minor updates to their ranking algorithms in order to help people find exactly what they are looking for. This creates a bevy of new and obsolete ranking factors that can be difficult to keep track of.

Luckily, certain aspects of search engine algorithms stay the same, which means we can focus on building websites based on key ranking factors in order to create a solid foundation and a perfectly optimized on-page structure.

The truth is, if on-page SEO optimization isn’t done well, then the important off-page work done through backlinking will be hindered. At The Top Rocks, on-page SEO is highly prioritized with any SEO campaign.

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Top Tactics You Can Try For Your On Page SEO 🙂

Top Tactics for Keyword Density

Keyword Density refers to the number of times you use at targeted word or phrase on a web page. In the past, if you were ranking for “cat collar”, then you would simply plaster the page you are trying to rank with cat collar. These days that’s a sure way to never hit the front page.

Keyword density should be around 2% or less. The reason? Search engines are favoring natural sounding language and humans don’t need to reiterate that they are talking about cat collars every sentence. This leaves room for long tailed keywords too.

Following these guidelines will help prevent optimization penalties that many websites face.

Top Tactics for Using Correct Keywords

Keyword research and keyword density are important for SEO onsite optimization, but where you use the keywords is even more important. Placing keywords in strategic places is imperative to good site structure.

Use your keywords in places like in titles, meta titles, meta descriptions, and your URL slug (the part after .com). It is also a good idea to use the keyword somewhere in the first paragraph and the very last sentence of the page.

With pages that have longer content length, it is a useful to place the keyword in some sub-headings and naturally throughout the content. Just remember to keep the total keyword density at 2% or less.

Top SEO Tactics for Page Layouts

Since the amount of time a user spends on any page is an important ranking factor, your webpage and blog post layout matters for SEO. People prefer reading content that is around 47 characters in width vs. walls of small text. It is vital to have a great sub-headings structure to allow readers to skim through your content and find exactly what they are looking for. Images and video are always a great idea too.

Make sure to have these following things:

Clear pictures that are sized properly with captions, sub headings, broken up paragraphs, bullet points (when useful), and don’t be afraid to bold, highlight, or underline key information.

You want the overall layout to be as clean as possible as to not overwhelm your users and let their brains relax into the content.

Top SEO Tactics for Using Title Tags

Search engines use title tags in order to understand the hierarchal structure of a page. Examples of title tags are H1 (main heading), H2 (main sub heading), H3 (sub sub heading), and P (paragraph). Think of these tags as a way to illustrate your content tree to search engine crawl bots. They will read the title tags first and then organize the paragraphs below each tag in order to organize and distinguish what a page is talking about.

Meta Tags are, quite frankly, useless these days. You do want to have one or two for your page with the respective keyword, but you don’t want to have duplicates across the page. This will penalize your on-page SEO.

Pictures use alt tags and they are important. All of your pictures need to have these tags to describe what it is showing. A brief description is all you need here, just don’t spam keywords or you will be penalized.

Top SEO Tactics for High Quality Content

If you read anything about SEO you will probably hear something like, “content is king”. It is true. High quality content is the most important aspect to SEO. If you think about it practically, it makes a lot of sense. We want to read something that completely answers our question, gives incredible detail, has video to help illustrate hard to understand concepts, and is entertaining. We don’t want to read mediocre content that is hard to understand and doesn’t really answer our question.

Quality content shares the following:

  • A clear use of language
  • Informative content that has authoritative tones
  • Easy to read
  • Structured in a logical way
  • Original wording (copying others work will penalize you)
  • link to good resources that are relevant to what is being written about
  • Long word length while maintaining quality.

Top SEO Tactics for Inserting Multimedia

multimedia is really useful in Blog posts. Peoples attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and photo and video help to keep people engaged. Remember, the length of time users spend on your website is important so engagement is always a great thing. Images can help to make your website more visually appealing to.

Make sure to tag your media using alt tags. With video it is a great idea to use an entire paragraph to describe what someone is about to watch. This helps google to understand what the video is about since it can’t quite understand what is in a video unless there are some keywords and written content around it. This will help crawl bots understand your site, ultimately ranking you higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Top SEO Tactics for Updating Site Content

Back in 2010 there was a really awesome update called Google Caffeine. Caffeine placed an importance on new content since a lot of industries are constantly improving and changing. It also made it so any content that you update gets a bit of a boost.

Because of this, it is a great idea to update your older blog posts. Now you can take an old post from 2017, edit some of the information, add on 500 to 1000 words, and add some nomenclature to the title that says “Updated (current year)” and boom… big SEO benefits.

Taking advantage of Google Caffeine shows search engines that you are keeping your content up-to-date, making sure your users get the best information, and that you are active online. Updating content is a really useful tool and very important in the SEO world. It’s also easier than making brand new content 😉

As you go back, just make sure it is formatted correctly using the information from this section!

Top Tactics for Internal Links

Take a moment and visit the king (or queen) of internal linking; wikipedia. You will notice many words on every page links to another page. This is internal linking and it is vital to a well optimized website.

When doing internal linking you want to make sure any link you have from one page to the next uses the exact keyword or keyword phrase of the destination page. Doing this will make your sites hierarchal structure more apparent to search engines and crawl bots.

It is always a good idea to make your website well structured for search engines, but it is also really helpful for site traffic and user retention. If there are many forks in the road that people can take your bounce rates will improve and people will be able to navigate more easily.

Top Tactics for Outbound Links

Let’s be very frank here. Linking out to other websites is GOOD. In the past you were actually dinged when you linked out to other websites too much, which led to an era online where people were afraid to send a link to another site. These days the SEO ecosystem has be revitalized where linking out is actually useful to do, like when linking to other reputable sources where you are getting your information from.

Social Media’s Role in SEO

Having shareable content is super important because, social media is more widely used than ever before. You want to have accounts with different social media companies and each page or post should be easy to share with the click of a button.

When your content is liked, loved, shared a bunch, and commented on it only helps with your ranking on search engines. So make sure its shareable.



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